Neuroadvantage Brain Retrainer

Enhancing Mental Performance & Peace Of Mind

If you’ve been running on empty for years, fighting anxiety or insomnia, battling inner demons and chronic pain, it can feel as if there’s no solution. You’d like to just shake free of the stressors and distractions, but you can’t just snap out of it; your brain has been operating in this state for too long.

When your mind has become accustomed to working a certain way, those tendencies seem impossible to break. Your mind is trained to react according to the experiences it encounters. 

But you can retrain your brain. Find Tranquility in Your Daily Life with Neurotherapy

Brain Retraining, or Light and Sound Neurotherapy (LSN), provides an alternative means to cope with a variety of conditions without the use of drugs. If you struggle with any of the following common problems, this method of healing could be the answer.

The Brain Retrainer helps individuals who struggle with:
    • Severe depression
    • Post-Traumatic Stress
    • Chronic Pain
    • Anxiety
    • Autism
    • ADHD/ADD
    • Insomnia
    • Memory and Focus
    • Weight Loss
    • Sexual Performance

The NeuroAdvantage System offers an alternative to, and increases the benefits of, a variety of traditional approaches to emotional well-being, including medications and psychotherapy.

If you’re tired of trying so hard to overcome any one of these mental conditions, maybe it’s time to try a different approach to your mental health and wellbeing.

Take some time to explore and understand how the NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer works. We want you to feel confident in the science behind this option, so you have peace of mind about your choice. 

Understanding the Brain

How does the NeuroAdvantage System work? The NeuroAdvantage as a System is designed to take advantage of your brain’s natural tendency to synchronize with pleasant rhythmic stimulations, and uses our carefully designed programs of light and/or sound stimulations to gently massage your mind, while guiding it in the desired direction.

Whether it is the beating of drums around campfires in Aboriginal cultures, dancing to throbbing music and synchronized lights, or being entranced by a fire’s flickering flames while listening to music, visual and aural rhythmic stimulation has the power to shape our thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

Rhythms and patterns affect our brain and more specifically, our brainwaves, in much the same way.

The Science of Brain Retraining

If you apply a stimulus to the brain at a certain frequency or tempo, the brain’s neurons will start to fire a response and vibrate at the same frequency. This occurs because of a powerful Frequency Following Response within the brain.

Virtually any repeating stimulus that is applied to your brain or body, sound, lights, visual images, vibrations or electrical sensations, causes the electrical activity in your brain to change. Watching the light show at a rock concert will cause your brain to respond in very different patterns and frequencies than from those generated watching and listening to the surf at the beach.

All these states of consciousness result from combinations of Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves. Each brainwave pattern is associated with a different state of mind. All the different kinds of brainwaves are active in your brain at all times, but one of these patterns is usually dominant over the others. The dominant brainwave pattern is responsible for your state of awareness at any given time.

The NeuroAdvantage™ System was developed by three licensed Psychologists, Dr. Ed Pigott, Dr. Greg Alter, and Dr. Dennis Marikis, and is based on over 75 years of documented scientific research. The NeuroAdvantage Recovery Program was first developed to be used in treatment centers with patients suffering from serious difficulties including severe depression, post-traumatic stress, and chronic pain. It has been expanded to help with a wide variety of common problems, including anxiety, autism, ADD & ADHD, insomnia, memory & focus, weight loss and sexual performance.

Brain retraining is also known as Light and Sound Neurotherapy (LSN), brainwave entrainment and brainwave synchronization. It is based on the brain’s proven tendency to synchronize its dominant frequencies with those of certain external stimuli (patterns of lights and sounds).

Our programs of synchronized lights combined with pulsing tones at specific resonances gently guide your brain into the desired brainwave state, where it will stay for the duration of the session. With regular use, your brain will become stronger and more able to reach the desired state and maintain it.

We have found that the NeuroAdvantage™ system offers an alternative to, and increases the benefits of a variety of traditional approaches to emotional well-being, including medications and psychotherapy.

Most brainwave programs on the market offer only audio programs comprised of binaural beats with music and ambient sound effects. Research has shown that adding visual stimulation to the proper audio programs makes brain retraining much more effective. The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer allows you to experience our visual and audio stimulation programs at the same time in order to experience the most effective form of brain retraining available today.

What is the NeuroAdvantage Trainer and How Does It Work?
The NeuroAdvantageTrainer is a compact and portable sophisticated, yet easy-to-use device that allows you to experience both the visual and auditory aspects of the programs we have designed to improve physical, mental and emotional functioning. The way you feel at any given moment is a by-product of your brainwave activity.

The NeuroAdvantage™ System uses carefully designed patterns of lights and sounds to stimulate and guide your brain to the desired brainwave frequencies associated with different states of mind. It is a simple, natural and drug-free way to tap into your innate potential and enhance your ability to think, create, heal and change.

Although this is a fairly new technology, the NeuroAdvantage™ System is based over 75 years of solid scientific research. (Review Research Summary.) Proper use of the NeuroAdvantage™ System, under the guidance of a trained mental health professional, can produce amazing results. Our System is designed for home use in sessions that typically last from 20-30 minutes and provide pleasant and painless brain retraining naturally, without the use of drugs.

Daily use will bring amazing results!

Benefits of the NeuroAdvantage Trainer:

    • Positive changes in mood and emotional state
    • Lower stress and anxiety
    • Increased confidence & productivity
    • Better mental clarity & focus
    • Improved memory
    • Reduced insomnia
    • Obtain a deeper and more restful sleep
    • Reduce intensity and frequency of headaches
    • Facilitate healing
    • Enhance meditation

The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer is endorsed by Dr. Claudia Black, a world-renowned author, lecturer and specialist on addiction and family systems. Dr. Black is the author of It Will Never Happen To Me as well as numerous other books. “The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer is a wonderful tool for the recovering person – be it the addict, the family member, or trauma survivor. The impact of stress on our brain chemistry contributes to one’s mental and emotional reactivity, impaired daily functioning, and relapse. The use of the Trainer requires the client to create a ritual for relaxation and “time out” which in and of itself is life enhancing, while at the same time the neurotherapy component targets the brainwave patterns to disrupt negativity and reactivity while enhancing cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. Not being a one size fits all, it is designed to respond to a variety of goals that will support the client in their treatment planning and recovery process. Having used it myself, I heartily recommend it”. Claudia Black, Ph.D.

We Help With…


Neurotherapy can help your child on the autistic spectrum with their hand skills, movement skills, attention, concentration, behavior and sensory processing.

Controlling Addictions & Cravings

Kick your addictions and manage your cravings naturally and drug-free with neurotherapy. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you retrain your brain to decrease cravings and improve the likelihood of sustained recovery.


Fight depression and enhance your overall wellbeing with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Memory, Focus & Attention

Synchronize your brainwaves to improve your ability to concentrate, focus and remember in a natural, safe and drug-free manner with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Pain Management

Manage chronic pain naturally – without painkillers and habitual pain relief drugs – using neurotherapy. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you live a better life. Begin today with a pain relief Brain Retrainer MP3.

Relaxation & Meditation

Scientific research has shown that brain retraining can help defeat stress and enhance relaxation and meditation. Relax your mind and body with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Sex & Peak Performance

Did you know that the most powerful sex organ of your body is your brain? Improve your mental function to enhance sexual performance using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer – a powerful, all-natural neurotherapy program.


Get a more restful night’s sleep by retraining your brain using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Special Needs, ADHD

By using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer, you or those you love who struggle with ADHD and other learning disabilities can find improved concentration and memory, enhanced creativity, and a boost to the immune system.

Sports & Peak Performance

Brainwave stimulation, relaxation, and visualization techniques can vastly improve sports performance. Athletes who use the NeuroAdvantage Trainer report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond.

Trauma and Stress Management

Anxiety, worry, tension, startle response, intrusive imagery (“flashbacks”), helplessness, and avoidance behaviors may all be significantly reduced when using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Weight Loss

Lose weight by gaining control over your cravings. Neurotherapy through the NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you achieve the weight-loss results you desire.


The NeuroAdvantage Trainer helps students who struggle in a particular class or school as a whole. This tool can help refocus your mind and allow you to let yourself succeed. Nervous about a test coming up? Dive into your material with confidence as you retain the knowledge you need. 

Individuals / Professionals

Improve your career and everyday approach to life. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer guides you through anxiety and stressful situations that could be a setback to your success. Be the best person you can be in both your professional and personal life. We understand there are many obstacles you have to face, but you don’t have to do it alone. 


You need more than external support when you take your athletic career into your own hands. You need the confidence from within to meet your goals! We’ve worked with professional athletes to improve their game and can help you improve yours. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer is compatible with all sports from golf to diving. Take the stride towards greatness with this advanced, safe technology.


Defending our country is no easy job. You battle more than just an external enemy, but the internal enemies of coping skills, stress, and focus. Let the NeuroAdvantage Trainer bring you peace of mind and comfort. Not only can this help you in the field, but we also take care of you when you come home. This technology has drastically improved the lives of patients with PTSD. Sleep better at night and let your mind relax, you deserve it. 

NeuroAdvantage™ offers a number of Light & Sound Neurotherapy (LSN) programs designed to improve mental concentration and focus in children and adults

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD and previously ADD) covers a wide range of problems involving inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination. Although these disorders are most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorders in children, they also affect many adults, and, if not treated, can have lasting negative effects on everything from interpersonal relationships to career success.

ADHD can run in families, but the cause is unknown. It seems to be set in motion early in life as the brain is developing. Imaging studies suggest that the brains of children with ADHD are different from those of other children. A child who has the symptoms of ADHD should be carefully examined by a doctor in order to rule out other possible conditions or reasons for the behavior. Children with ADHD can have at least one other developmental or behavioral problem. They may also have other problems, such as depression or chronic anxiety.

Those who suffer from ADHD have difficulty focusing and completing tasks. They also have specific brainwave patterns.

NeuroAdvantage offers brainwave programs designed to help your brain stay focused and sharp, remove that fuzzy mental ‘fog’ feeling and create the best conditions for performing complex mental tasks, brainstorming, studying, analyzing, or performing any task that requires high level of concentration.

These programs reinforce the 12-18 Hz Beta brainwave patterns that help foster calm and increase focused attention. Our programs will help you greatly improve the efficiency of your brain, as well as its overall ability. Used on a regular basis, these programs will give you:

    • Improved concentration
    • Improved memory
    • Peak performance
    • Enhanced creativity and
    • An improved immune system.

Alpha and Theta are the brainwave patterns most commonly associated with meditation, and also with the ADHD brain. The difference is that the ADHD brain exhibits a lack of synchrony between the right and left hemispheres. Using brainwave entrainment technology, the two hemispheres of the brain are stimulated with natural and balanced frequencies aimed at promoting focus and concentration, while at the same time bringing about a state of calmness and relaxation. Brain retraining increases the electrical activity in the brain, increases the blood flow to the brain, and promotes new nerve cell growth in the brain. Major shifts in brainwave patterns can be seen after as little as one session of brain retraining.

To change your emotions and behaviors over time, you will want to use a series of sessions on a regular basis over several months. They are especially effective when done in the morning.

Eventually, your brain will be trained to produce these same patterns on its own, thus allowing you to have greater control over your ability to concentrate and reduce hyperactivity.

Research Supports the Effectiveness of LSN in Treating ADHD and other Learning Disabilities

Click here to review research findings from ten different studies conducted with children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or learning disabilities. These findings document the effectiveness of brain retraining for many symptoms common in people with ADHD and/or learning disabilities.

Summarizing across studies, researchers found that LSN treatment:

    • Increased sustained attention
    • Improved impulse control
    • Decreased anxiety and depression
    • Improved essential learning skills including:
      • Auditory memory
      • Mental processing speed
      • Verbal and non-verbal IQ
    • Improved academic performance
    • Generated improvements similar to psycho-stimulant medication; and
    • Maintained the treatment gains for up to 16-months following treatment termination.

Finding a solution to meet your needs is a giant step towards a better life. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer has over 70 years of research standing behind it and has the ability to benefit multiple areas of your life.


Why Brain Retrainer?


Begin using the NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer. We offer several different packages that combine the equipment needed with audio training sessions as well as the option for professional coaching.


With the NeuroAdvantage Trainer as part of your daily regimen for continuous improved health, you’ll experience the rewards of feeling better, every day. For maximum effect, use the NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer with the programs we have designed to help improve mental concentration, memory and focus. Your NeuroAdvantage™ Coach will collaborate with you to determine the most effective programs and schedules.

Your health and wellbeing come first. Experience a new way to feel better every day. As you progress through your treatment, you will realize that the NeuroAdvantage Trainer is an indispensable part of your daily regimen for continuous improved health.

Begin Neurotheraphy with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer

When you first see this equipment, your reaction might be, “What planet do you expect me to wear these on?” Don’t worry, you do not need to wear these in public.

Your sessions using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer last for just a few minutes and can be incorporated into your morning or evening routines.

Other light and sound therapy equipment is available on the market, but along with our high-quality product, you will also receive the individualized attention you need to achieve the results you desire.

NeuroAdvantage Trainer

The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer comes with 10 training programs, two audio coaching programs of your choice, and one telephonic coaching session with a trained NeuroAdvantage mental health professional to help you use the equipment and audio/visual sessions for your specific challenges and goals.

Deluxe Package

Experience the full benefits of the NeuroAdvantage Trainer. The Deluxe Package includes everything from the basic package, plus:

  • 6 additional audio coaching programs of your choice
  • 2 additional coaching sessions

Additional Options

In addition to the NeuroAdvantage Trainer, we also offer the following materials and equipment:

Tracks for Use with NeuroAdvantage Equipment

NeuroAdvantage has produced a series of specially designed recordings that you can listen to during sessions. These recordings cover a variety of topic areas and use positive affirmations played through the Trainer’s headphones.

Standalone Audio Coaching

We also offer the same audio tracks with audio stimulation tones embedded within the listening experience. They can serve as a way to strengthen the effect of the NeuroAdvantage Trainer between sessions or as a standalone practice. 

Equipment and Accessories

Order lenses with various light settings to alter your neurotherapy experience.

Professional Coaching

If you have purchased the NeuroAdvantage Trainer and would like additional individualized coaching sessions, schedule your coaching session to continue advancing your health and wellbeing.

To start experiencing the NeuroAdvantage™ System, or for more information, contact us at [email protected].

DISCLAIMER: The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer is not a substitute for medical diagnoses or treatments and is designed to be used under the guidance of a trained healthcare professional. Information published on this website is the property of NeuroAdvantage, LLC and cannot be duplicated without permission.